Adult Kickboxing

Kickboxing & Self Defense For Adults


Fun and friendly environment suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Burn more than 800 calories in one hour ( American Sports Science Journal)

Kickboxing Develops

  1. Self Discipline
  2. Self Respect
  3. Self Confidence
  4. Self Control
  5. Self Belief
  6. Agility
  7. Coordination
  8. Balance
  9. Healthy Lifestyle

Kickboxing & Self Defense for Children

“Your Kids Won’t Build Much Character Sitting in Front of the TV or Playing Video Games…”

To build character, a child needs to interact with others, be challenged, be given the chance to learn and grow, have ample opportunity for self-expression…and perhaps most importantly…be praised for that growth. We know of only one way to capture a child’s interest — and pull them away from the TV or game console…and that’s to make sure they’re having fun…active fun…doing something else something that makes the grow in a positive way.

Our Kickboxing Classes not only teach kids the fundamentals of kickboxing, but also assist with discipline, motivation, and self confidence. Many parents are discovering that these programs can help their children excel in other areas outside of the sport itself. For example, a child may do better in school because of the discipline they developed while in the organisation . Likewise, the physical exercise they get can help them excel in other sports, while developing confidence that can help them feel better about life in general.

Kickboxing can be a fun activity that helps promote the physical health and overall well-being of children. The studying of the martial arts has also proven to offer benefits from a mental and emotional aspect. With the proper training in the right environment, kids have the opportunity to develop a strong worth ethic and respect for peers, adults, and — as importantly — for themselves.

Recent News

2014 WAKO European Championships

BMA has five  members representing Ireland at this year’s WAKO Senior European Kickboxing Championships in Slovenia starting this weekend for points & continuous. Elaine Small, Colin O’ Shaughnessy, Robert Hurley, Mark Mc Dermott and Roy Baker as President of Kickboxing Ireland leading the whole team. All are travelling with the official Kickboxing Ireland national team Best of luck to all participants from all of us in BMA

2014 Christmas Grading Dates & Times Confirmed

Brown Belts:
Leinster – Munster:
Saturday 13th Dec, All brown belts.

10.30am – 1pm, Leixlip Amenities centre.

Under Brown:
Sunday 14th Dec,  All grades below brown Belt. 
12am to 3pm

Sunday 7th Dec,  All grades below brown Belt.  
12 noon  to 3pm

All grading are on a pre registered basis and must be returned on or before Saturday 29th November to the instructor.

All students must above white belt first tip, MUST wear the FULL BMA Suit at the grading.   If you require a suit please contact your instructor about same

BMA Huge Success at WAKO Junior-Cadet World Championships

Bushido Martial Arts was the most successful Club within Ireland at hte recenet WAKO World Junior-Cadet Championships held in Rimini, italy.
Karyna Nikitina
, Dalton O’shaughnessy, Elaine Small, Ross Brennan, Shannon Grayson, Alexandra Brennan, Salerno Ilija, Michelle Bayly, Michelle Bayly,Eoghan Smith, Luke Kelly, Gwen Hammond and Ronán Smith at stadium 105 Rimini Italy 2014.

BMA Team 2014 WAKo Junior cadet world championships

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